Le'Fab Collections is hosting a (7) day FREE marketing challenge where each day you will be prompted to perform an intentional task on your social media platforms. 

The itinerary is as follows: 

✅Day 1: (What Had Happened Was) Learn how important it is to always be transparent with your audience, they wanna' know your story, who you are, they want to be able to relate to you.

✅Day 2: (Lights, Camera, Action) Learn why video content is the real MVP and ways you can engage your audience when you create vid content and go live.

✅Day 3: (Caption This) Learn all of the working parts to creating a compelling caption. If you are not evoking emotion with your wording, you should definitely be here. Just know that words sell!

✅Day 4: (Each One, Teach One) Its not all about selling! You must also engage your audience with knowledge, on this day we will create content that just does that!

✅Day 5: (The Shenanigans) Girl why is your bizness so stiff? Lol, loosen up and show your audience that you are definitely with the shits. Humor them, life is already too damn serious. 

✅Day 6: (Strike A Pose) The people wanna see you, they wanna hear from you! We dont even know its you that runs said bizness because you never show face. Learn how to be more consistent with this even if you're an introvert.

✅Day 7: (The Visuals) Learn how to choose visuals that match your brand and speak to the people. People barely like to read these days but sometimes good visuals do all the talking.

Wayment! All of this for FREE.99?

The challenge will begin Monday, January 15th, 2024 giving you ample time to mentally prepare. This challenge is designed to help you create a solid social media marketing strategy.

Again each day will also be associated with a task that should be completed within 24 hours of it being assigned. You will be able to ask questions in the private group you will be added to.

Once registered, you will later be added to a private FB group where all the tasks will be explained in depth. The tasks will also be sent to your email as well for your convenience.

✅Please refrain from signing up for the challenge if you are unable to be committed for (7) days. Allow someone who is actually ready to turn it up to take your place instead. You will be held accountable each day for all tasks assigned.

The only thing needed to be successful in this challenge is a ring light, a notebook, pen, cell phone and the will to keep pushing!

Only the 1st eight individuals who sign up will be registered for this event. All others will be added to a waitlist for the next challenge.

So I ask, are you ready to turn up in your business?

What You Will Learn...

The Foundations of Marketing

Knowing the foundations of marketing will have you connecting with your audience simply by understanding what they like and need. Tell them about your products or services in a way that feels like a friendly conversation. It's all about creating a vibe that resonates with them  and makes them say, "Yeah, that's for me!"

Please Note:

In this challenge, you will be assigned a task every day that must be completed. It may sometimes make you uncomfortable because you are not used to doing it. Which is exactly why...we're gonna do it! Once you get your feet wet, it's a wrap! If you're not uncomfortable, you simply aren't growing. If you're scared, go to church!

How To Be Consistent

Learn strategies that will give you more time away from the phone screen and more time in your family life instead. Planning and organizing is the key to consistency and we'll show you how.

What You Will Experience...


The challenge will build a desire to want to become more consistent with your marketing. However, we can only lead the horse to the water, we can't make you drink it.


A solid foundation involves confidence. We always lack confidence when we are unknowledgeable about things This challenge will provide the building blocks in being more confident in your marketing efforts.

A Sense Of Accomplishment

After completing the challenge, you will feel a sense of relief knowing that you will now take marketing head on within your business and be confident while doing so. 

So again, are you ready to do things differently in 2024?